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Oilybits provide a wide range of fueling and fuel-quality test equipment for the Aviation sector, this section serves as a basic guide to the ranges of products we offer, if you have specific requirements for equipment you are unable to locate on our website, then please do contact us for further information.

Microbial Indicators (Bacteria / Fungus / Yeast Etc)

There are a number of different types of micro-organisms that can grow in certain types of fuel. The biggest problem is presented by a lamentous fungus called Hormoconis Resinae (H Res). Previously called Cladosporium Resinae, and more commonly referred to as “Jet Fuel Fungus”.

For instant results, the FUELSTAT® Resinae PLUS Tests measure the amount of different types of contamination: H Res, bacteria and fungi actively growing in the sample and reports that as the weight of material in the sample. This is a newer, more accurate measurement system than the old Colony Forming Unit (CFU) count, which would take up to 72 hours to grow a representative culture.

Alternatively, still popular for applications where the 72 hour colony-forming process is acceptable, the time served Microbmonitor2 is a cost effective alternative.

Aviation Fuel Analysis Kits

Oilybits offer a range of Aviation Fuel Test Kits, including kits by Gammon Technical Products, and Merck Millipore.


37mm Membranes for Test Monitors in Aviation Fuel Analysis Kits

Oilybits offer 37mm Single and Matched Weight membranes for the above sampling kits, the 37mm membranes are fully interchangeable between Gammon and Merck products.

Water Separation Characteristics

Oilybits offer the Emcee Electronics U.S.A. range of test equipment, including the Emcee Electronics, Model 1140 Micro-Separometer Mark X, and Emcee Electronics, Test Expendables Including Coalescer Cells, 6-Pack


Electrostatic Conductivity

Oilybits offer the Emcee 1152 & 1153 Digital Conductivity Meters to ASTM D2624 for the testing of Aviation & Distillate Fuels.


Suspended / Miscible Water Detection

The Shell Water Detector is manufactured following strict quality assurance standards in a purpose-built, humidity-controlled facility. For over 50 years, operators across the world have relied on the Shell Water Detector to check their aviation fuel for suspended water that cannot be detected by visual inspections. The detector capsules are widely used, thanks to their effectiveness and simplicity.

Kolor Kut Modified Water Finding Paste has been designed for use in Methanol / Ethanol enriched fuel systems. Alcohols are soluble in fuels in all proportions when they are water-free (Anhydrous) but relatively small amounts of water can cause separation of alcohol from the fuel. The mixture settling to the bottom of the storage tank contains a high concentration of alcohol and cannot be detected be most water detection pastes. Phase separation alcohol solutions with as little as 6% water will cause a positive reaction to the paste.

McCabe H2O Plus Water Level Indicator Paste, for Oils and Ethanol Blends is used to gauge almost all petroleum products, including ethanol-blended gasoline and other products that are blended with ethanol/alcohol.

Free Water Detection

Oilybits offer a range of Gauging Pastes for the identification of free water in bulk fuel storage tanks, some of the pastes we offer are:

A special "Water Finding Rule" is also available, for use with the pastes.

Bulk Fuel Storage Tank Sampling

Oilybits offer a range of Sampling Gauges for the sampling of bulk fuel storage tanks, our full range of samplers can be found here: Sampling Gauges

For Aviation use we always recommend the use of ATEX approved samplers, and so the range is limited to the following products in conjunction with an ATEX Approved Hand-Winch for the lowering and retrieval of the sampler:


Bulk Fuel Storage Tank Dipping

Oilybits offer the Richter brand of tank dipping tapes, the purpose of dipping tapes is to categorically confirm the depth in the tank where an electronic gauge may not be trusted to perform the duty, at the same time as the depth is measured the fuel may also be sampled. The full range of Richter tapes can be found here: Richter Dipping Tapes

For all aviation applications, Oilybits recommend the use of IPM Specification (Class I EC Accuracy) '464' tapes in 4021 Etched Stainless Steel, 'MS' Brass Frame with Wooden Handle, 'E' Grounding Cable & Clip, 'B/IPM8' Brass 675G Weight, 3-Point Factory Calibration Certificate, and '556' Carry Case:


Oil Level Gauging Pastes

In conjuction with a dipping tape, the user may use a proprietary oil level gauging paste to aid visual identification of the oil level. Oilybits supply a range of Oil Level Gauging Pastes;

Thermoprobe, Petroleum Thermometers

Thermoprobe, TP7-D Petroleum Gauging Thermometers are for obtaining the media temperature at specific levels in a bulk storage tank. They are supplied as standard with Calibration Certificates, and are ATEX approved.


Hydrometers and Hydrometer Tubes / Measuring Cylinders

Oilybits offer a standard range of Hydrometers suitable for checking the S.G. of Avgas & Jet-A1, we can also offer customised Hydrometers where special characteristics are required.


Blue Spirit Petroleum Thermometers, to IP and ASTM Standards

Safety Blue IP & ASTM Thermometers are quality precision instruments, manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the Institute of Petroleum (IP) and jointly agreed with ASTM International.

Blue Spirit Petroleum Thermo-Hydrometers, ASTM Standards

Blue Spirit ASTM E2995 Thermo-Hydrometers are quality precision instruments, manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the ASTM International

Fuel Sample Handling

Various products are offered for the purpose of fuel sampling, including a Grounded Bucket, and a Grounded Funnel. The bucket may be used for transporting contaminated sampling equipment, and the funnel may be used for transferring fuel samples into bottles for laboratory analysis. Clear Glass Sample Jars are also available for performing the Clear & Bright Test, these are available with a PVC Coated Wire Cage, or a Stainless Steel cage.


About Our Unique Grounding Cables...

  • Manufactured by Oilybits in our U.K. production facility.
  • Polyolefin yellow/green stripe, heat shrink cable sheath - the correct colour for earthing applications and fully resistant to Oils, unlike PVC.
  • 6mm2 tinned copper, braided cable for greater resistance to acidic / oxidised oils.
  • 1m length of cable.
  • Cable end terminals are fused with solder to prevent fraying, loosening, and contamination / corrosion of the cable, thereby ensuring a stable ground connection.
  • RACO, cast brass, 70mm grounding clip, with red handles.
  • 304 stainless steel nuts and bolts throughout, featuring Nyloc Nuts or Shake-proof Washers to prevent loosening, thereby ensuring a stable ground connection.
  • Nylon inner seal on vessel bolt, to prevent leakage of contents above the terminal. Oil resistant.
  • A superior product to that of our competition.

Aviation Fuel Filter Elements

Oilybits offer a range of Aviation fuel filter elements


Grounding Reels

Oilybits offer our Static Grounding Reel, Stainless Steel, ATEX Approved, available fixed or with breakaway joint for Helicopter bonding.

Ground Test Equipment

Systems which transfer flammable liquids must be bonded, or electrically connected in order to safely dissipate static electrical charges, it is important that these systems are tested regularly, because deterioration could result in a hazardous situation developing. The Advanced Continuity Tester (ACT) has been specifically designed for this task ONLY, so it does not sacrifice performance in the interests of being a multi purpose instrument and it is based on the very latest microprocessor technology.


Product Labels


Hazard Labels

Over-Wing Fueling Nozzles

Oilybits offer the Husky range of Over Wing Fueling Nozzles:

Fuel Hose connectors

Oilybits offer the Emco-Wheaton TODO-Matic range of ATEX approved fuel hose connectors.

Flow Metering

Oilybits offer a wide range of Fuel Meters, however for mobile tanker applications we would always recommend the time served "Tuthill TS Series" meters, for all Aviation Fuels.


Oilybits offer pumps suitable for high and low volume dispensing of a range of Aviation Fuels;

UN/IATA Approved Sample Cans, for air transport of flammable products

Oilybits offer the Air-Sea range of UN/IATA approved sample cans and fibreboard outers, these are approved for the air transport of flammable liquids such as fuel samples.

Closed Circuit Samplers with built-in Shell Water Detector Port

Narcotics Sample Tests for Police & Customs

Oilybits sell the MMC range of Narcotic Sample Identification Products;

Below, a few examples of the tests on offer, tests are available for most drugs and precursors, please click the above links for more details.


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