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Oilybits Ltd has been exporting all over the world for over a decade. The great majority of the business we do by value is export, so we are somewhat accustomed to the requirements of the process, though with all Exports unexpected events can occur and we are here to assist with those if they arise. Our email is monitored 18 hours of the day, to assist those in other time zones as best as possible.

As standard practise we do not supply export documentation, and it is the customers responsibility to tell us what documentation they require for goods to pass smoothly through their customs facilities.

If required, we can supply most of the commonly requested documentation, such as;

Certificate of Conformity

These are often issused by the manufacturer, however where we buy though distributors this can become impossible as the chain is too long and fragmented. In this instance, for some products, and should this be acceptable, we will issue our own Certificate of Conformity. Costs vary between manufacturers.

Download - Example Certificate of Conformity issued by Oilybits LtdDownload - Example Certificate of Conformity issued by Oilybits Ltd

Download - Example Certificate of Conformity issued by a ManufacturerDownload - Example Certificate of Conformity issued by a Manufacturer

Chamber of Commerce Documents

Oilybits Ltd can apply for official U.K. government-accredited documentation from the Chamber of Commerce, standard charges for common services are shown below, if your required documentation is not listed please tell us what you need and we will quote for it.

Oilybits Ltd charge a fixed fee of 20.00 for applying for any Chamber of Commerce documentation, plus the cost of courier (usually by DHL) of the documents to you, seperately to the goods.

Chamber of Commerce Charges (At Cost) 01 April 2023
EC Certificate of Origin: 1* Original (WHITE)£52.00
EC Certificate of Origin: 1* Copy (YELLOW)£28.00 Each
EC Certificate of Origin: 1* Copy (PINK)£28.00 Each
UK EUR1/ATR preference forms (Only available for goods of U.K. Origin*)£48.00
Certificate of Free Marketing (ALGERIA)£35.00 (2020 Price, Current Price TBC)
Invoices and commercial documents (Attestation)£40.00
Replacements and additional copies£28.00
Checking Fee£20.00
ATA Carnet£POA
Amendments£20.00 (Note: this includes amendments in the initial application)
Priority service£50.00
Embassy Levy£POA Dependent upon Embassy
Legalisation service for Arab League countries, Handling Fee£POA

Certificates of Origin
Certificates of Origin are acceptable proof of where goods are manufactured or deemed to be processed in a sufficient way – this is non-preferential origin. Most trading countries, including the UK, are parties to the International Convention to the Simplification of Customs Formalities 1923.

In our experience, the requirements are greatest in the Middle East and North African countries – but you also need to consider the embassy requirements as a legalised version is recommended. Beyond this region, you would expect to present them across Asia and China. Buyers in the EU usually only need them if re-exporting to a non-EU country.

Available online and documentary evidence must be provided for goods deemed foreign origin. A Certificate of Origin is an endorsement, so presenting this will enhance your customs profile.

Download - Example Certificate of Origin - ORIGINAL (WHITE)Download - Example Certificate of Origin - ORIGINAL (WHITE)

Download - Example Certificate of Origin - COPY (YELLOW)Download - Example Certificate of Origin - COPY (YELLOW)

Download - Example Certificate of Origin - ORIGINAL (WHITE) Certified by Egypt EmbassyDownload - Example Certificate of Origin - ORIGINAL (WHITE) Certified by Egypt Embassy

Download - Example Invoice - Certified by Chamber of CommerceDownload - Example Invoice, Certified by Chamber of Commerce

UK EUR1 (Preference)
The U.K. has concluded trade arrangements with certain non-EU countries which allow exports from the U.K. & E.U. to enter at a reduced or nil rate of duty, while imports from these countries may enter the E.U. at reduced or nil rates of duty. These arrangements are known as Preferential Trade Agreements and the duties involved are referred to as preferential rates of duty. See HMRC Notice 828 for rules of origin; HMRC Notice 812 for trade rules with Turkey. A U.K. EUR1 facilitates this at customs.

*A U.K. EUR1 can only be used for goods of U.K. origin, not of E.U. origin, for goods of E.U. origin, an EUR1 issued in a E.U. member state would be required.

Download - Example U.K. EUR1 Certificate - ORIGINALDownload - Example U.K. EUR1 Certificate - ORIGINAL

Download - Example (EU) EUR1 Certificate - ORIGINALDownload - Example (EU) EUR1 Certificate - ORIGINAL

Certificate of Free Marketing (Algeria)

Download - Example Certificate of Free Marketing (ALGERIA)Download - Example Certificate of Free Marketing (ALGERIA)

The Market Access Database (MADB) is a great tool to check documentary requirements for each country. You can search on specific commodity codes as well, so this is useful for preparing a prompt sheet for your colleagues in sales for example. This website is free, and gives detailed guidance on customs formalities and tariffs.

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