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Gammon GTP-322 & GTP-323 Aqua-Glo Series V Water Detector Kits
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Gammon GTP-322 & GTP-323 Aqua-Glo Series V Water Detector Kits


PLEASE NOTE: Lead times up to 4 weeks on Gammon, most of which is not stocked in the U.K.

Product Variants:

  • GTP-322, Aqua-Glo Series V Water Detector Kit
  • GTP-323, Kit comprising; GTP-322 Aqua-Glo Series V Water Detector & GTP-172 MiniMonitor® Kit Contamination Tester, for contamination testing per ASTM Method D2276.

Features of the Aqua-Glo Series V Water Detector:

  • Manufactured specifically to perform tests per ASTM Method D3240
  • Automatic power switching between external power sup- ply and internal battery 120/220 volts, 50-60 Hz
  • Nickel cadmium rechargeable battery
  • Fully instrumented to eliminate human error
  • Detects presence of free water within 1.5 ppm
  • Test completed in less than 2 minutes
  • Portable, lightweight (8 pounds)
  • Permanent fluorescing standard
  • Can be recalibrated in the field

The test requires two simple steps. First, a measured sample of fuel is passed through a paper pad that is treated with sodium fluorescein on its upstream surface. Second, the pad is compared with a fluorescing standard in ultraviolet light. Water droplets that are smaller than the eye can see will cause the sodium fluorescein to fluoresce. The degree of fluorescence is greater for increasing amounts of water in the fuel.

The Aqua-Glo® Kit employs this unique approach in the determination of the degree of fluorescence (or water content). A single, permanent fluorescing standard is positioned under a photographic-type iris diaphragm which can be opened or closed to increase or decrease the amount of ultraviolet light.

To determine water content, the operator merely adjusts the diaphragm lever arm under the fluorescing standard and the test pad show equal brightness in the ultraviolet light. This balance is reached when the zero centering ammeter reads ZERO. The amount of water is read in parts per million (ppm) on the diaphragm lever arm scale which has been pre-calibrated in the factory. The scale numbers range from 1 to 12. These numbers are in ppm if the test sample of fuel that flowed through the pad was 500 ml. However, if water content is as great as 60 ppm, the test sample can be reduced to 100 ml. When a 100 ml sample is taken, the operating instructions explain that the scale reading must be multiplied by 5 to obtain the water content in ppm.

The Series V Aqua-Glo® was introduced in 2005 with an entirely new power supply. This power supply is external, automatically switching to work with either 120 VAC or 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

The water detector pads that are used in the Aqua-Glo® Kit are produced in compliance with MIL-D-81248 (WP) with the exception that the diameter is 25mm. Each pad is pack- aged in an air and moisture-proof envelope.

The Aqua-Glo® Kit pad holder is designed for ease in sampling. Fittings are available for several different methods of taking samples. For example, the standard fitting permits direct connection to the quick disconnect. Another fitting allows the sample to be drawn through the test pad with a syringe.

The Aqua-Glo® Kit is based on a technique developed by the U.S. Navy for accurate field determination of the free water content of jet fuels. Unlike the Navy equipment, the Aqua-Glo® Kit requires only one fluorescing standard and is instrumented to eliminate human error.

An outstanding feature of the Aqua-Glo® Kit is permanency of the fluorescing standard. Extreme care has been taken in perfecting a standard that will not deteriorate with age.

Features of the MiniMonitor® Contamination Tester:

The MiniMonitor® is used to test aviation fuel for particulate contamination using the procedures described in ASTM D2276/IP216. A measured volume of fuel is passed from a flowing pipe directly through a 0.8 micrometer membrane. The plastic monitor holding the membrane is placed in an aluminum housing. Dirt particles are caught on the membrane which can be visually color rated or weighed for a gravimetric rating.

How to order:

Part NumberDescriptionDimensionsWeightTariff Code
GTP-322Aqua-Glo® Series V Kit with built-in 120/220 VAC 50-60 Hz power supply  9027500000
GTP-322-AFAqua-Glo® Series V Kit with built-in 120/220 VAC 50-60 Hz power supply for the U.S. Air Force  9027500000
GTP-323Combination Kit, Aqua-Glo® Series V and Minimonitor with 120/220 VAC 50-60 Hz power supply470 x 355 x 170 mm6.81 Kg9027500000
GTP-2855Aqua-Glo® unit only with power supply and standards, 120/220 VAC  9027500000
GTP-9334Upgrade kit from Series III to Series V  9027500000
Parts & Accessories
Part NumberDescripton
GTP-25Water detector pads (25mm diameter), box of 50
GTP-2324Internal/external battery, rechargeable, nickel cadmium
GTP-2380Replacement tube, ultraviolet
GTP-191Detector pad holder assembly
GTP-8326-1Toggle valve, aluminium, 1/8" FNPT
GTP-294Calibrated Bottle
GTP-765Screwdriver Calibrating
GTP-9459Carrying case for GTP-322 and GTP-323
GTP-892Battery, 9 volt, for meter
GTP-292Hose assembly, outlet for GTP-191
GTP-9292Power Supply
GTP-1074-1Color Rating Book
GTP-3326Stainless steel holder for water detector pads (25mm) - see Bulletin 8
GTP-3850Stainless steel holder for water detector pads (37mm) - see Bulletin 8
GTP-9329External battery power cable (optional)
GTP-9331External battery charging cable (optional)
GTP-9300-12Both external battery cables (GTP-9329 and GTP-9331)
  • See Bulletin 86 for details on the Aqua-Glo Series V Water Detector.
  • See Bulletin 08 for details on the MiniMonitor® Kit.


Download Gammon Technical Products Inc. - Bulletin 86 (04-19) PDFDownload Gammon Technical Products Inc. - Bulletin 86 (04-19) PDF

Download Gammon Technical Products Inc. - Bulletin 08 (08-19) PDFDownload Gammon Technical Products Inc. - Bulletin 08 (08-19) PDF

Download Gammon Technical Products Inc. GTP-1172 MARK II - Manual PDFDownload Gammon Technical Products Inc. GTP-172 - Manual PDF

Download Gammon Technical Products Inc. - General Brochure PDFDownload Gammon Technical Products Inc. - General Brochure PDF

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