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Thermoprobe, TP7-D Petroleum Gauging Thermometer, ATEX Approved
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Thermoprobe, TP7-D Petroleum Gauging Thermometer, ATEX Approved

The TP7-D petroleum gauging thermometer is designed and tested to meet the latest international Intrinsically Safe Ex standards for continuous flammable conditions, Zone 0.

The TP7-D is a new rugged stainless steel spool-based design based on the popular TP7 models. The improved handle allows for storage of both standard and asphalt weight probes. As with previous models; the TP7-D features durable thin-film RTD sensors to provide reliable temperature measurements, an automatic backlight for low light conditions, and a new circuit for increased accuracy. The interface now has a larger display with 1/2 inch (13mm) alpha-numeric characters and rugged raised buttons that are easy to use with gloves. The center button provides simple on/off operation. An intuitive menu allows the user to log readings, select Celsius or Fahrenheit units, display resolution, and calibration. Icons on the display aid the user in seeing temperature stability, battery condition, and in performing auxiliary functions. Easily accessible AA batteries provide up to 200 hours of operation.

With multiple probe configurations and allowable cable lengths up to 165 ft (50m), the TP7-D is ideal for many tank gauging applications.

A limited one year warranty, NIST traceable 4 point calibration report and multi-language manual are included.

Typical Applications:
Custody Transfers, Hazardous Location, Intrinsically safe, Inventory, PET, Tank, Pipeline, Barge, Ship, Railcar, Tank Truck

Gasoline, Diesel, Asphalt, Molten Sulphur, Petrochemical, Viscous, Caustic, Acid, Chemical, Alkali, Molasses, Syrup, Distilled spirits, Aviation fuel

Recommended Operations:
API 7.2, International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals, API 4 and other recognized procedures and standards.

ATEX Certification: CE0359 EAC // AEx ia IIB T4 Ga // Ex ia IIB T4 Ga // ITS17ATEX201515X // Ex II 1 G // IECEx ETL 16.0051X //

Temperature:Resolution: 0.01 Degrees
Range: -40°F to 400°F (-40°C to 204°C) - Note: Standard Calibration does not provide full range accuracy
Calibrated Accuracy: 0.2°F from 32 to 200°F (±0.1°C from 0 to 100°C) ±0.5°F from 200 to 400°F (±0.3°C from 100 to 200°C)
Custom calibration points and ranges available
4 Point NIST Traceable Report of Test
Long-term drift not to exceed 0.05%/year
Meets API requirements
Interface Features1/2" (13mm) character LCD
Switchable units °C or °F
Resolution 0.1 or 0.01
Low Battery & Fault Indication
Calibration adjustment through faceplate buttons.
Auto Off after 20 minutes.
Stores and displays up to 10 Logged readings, Average, Lowest & Highest readings.
Arrows indicating increasing/decreasing temperature.
Recommended Ambient Temperature range: 32°F to 112°F (0°C to 44°C)
Construction:Probe: 304 Stainless Steel, Sealant, Coaxial cable with Aramid Fiber & PFA Cable Jacket
Enclosure: Stainless Steel
Rugged panel mount buttons
Static Dissipative Plastic Handle
Nominal Body Dimensions: 12”L x 7”H x 5.5” W (30.5 x 17.8 x 14cm)
Nominal Weight: 4.5lb (2.0kg) – with 75′ standard weight probe assembly
Battery2 AA Alkaline; Battery Life of approximately 200 hours
Battery manufacturer’s battery operating temperature range -4 to 130°F (-20 to 54°C)
Note: Battery may not provide adequate power if ambient temperature is extremely low or high


Shown Below: Different Weights Available

Product Options
Part NumberCable LengthProbe WeightBrass Markers
TP7D-012-AW-MM **No Longer Available**12ft (4m)Asphalt1 meter intervals
TP7D-012-AW-SM12ft (4m)Asphalt5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-012-EW-NM12ft (4m)ExtraNone
TP7D-012-EW-SM12ft (4m)Extra5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-012-RC-MM **No Longer Available**12ft (4m)Railcar1 meter intervals
TP7D-012-RC-NM12ft (4m)RailcarNone
TP7D-012-RC-SM12ft (4m)Railcar5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-012-SW-MM **No Longer Available**12ft (4m)Standard1 meter intervals
TP7D-012-SW-NM12ft (4m)StandardNone
TP7D-012-SW-SM12ft (4m)Standard5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-020-EW-MM **No Longer Available**20ft (6m)Extra1 meter intervals
TP7D-020-EW-NM20ft (6m)ExtraNone
TP7D-020-RC-NM20ft (6m)RailcarNone
TP7D-020-RC-SM20ft (6m)Railcar5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-020-SW-NM20ft (6m)StandardNone
TP7D-020-SW-SM20ft (6m)Standard5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-025-AW-SM25ft (7.5m)Asphalt5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-025-EW-MM **No Longer Available**25ft (7.5m)Extra1 meter intervals
TP7D-025-EW-NM25ft (7.5m)ExtraNone
TP7D-025-EW-SM25ft (7.5m)Extra5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-025-RC-MM **No Longer Available**25ft (7.5m)Railcar1 meter intervals
TP7D-025-RC-NM25ft (7.5m)RailcarNone
TP7D-025-RC-SM25ft (7.5m)Railcar5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-025-SW-NM25ft (7.5m)StandardNone
TP7D-025-SW-SM25ft (7.5m)Standard5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-050-AW-MM **No Longer Available**50ft (15m)Asphalt1 meter intervals
TP7D-050-AW-NM50ft (15m)AsphaltNone
TP7D-050-AW-SM50ft (15m)Asphalt5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-050-EW-MM **No Longer Available**50ft (15m)Extra1 meter intervals
TP7D-050-EW-NM50ft (15m)ExtraNone
TP7D-050-EW-SM50ft (15m)Extra5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-050-RC-MM **No Longer Available**50ft (15m)Railcar1 meter intervals
TP7D-050-RC-NM50ft (15m)RailcarNone
TP7D-050-RC-SM50ft (15m)Railcar5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-050-SW-MM **No Longer Available**50ft (15m)Standard1 meter intervals
TP7D-050-SW-NM50ft (15m)StandardNone
TP7D-050-SW-SM50ft (15m)Standard5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-05M-EW-MM5 meter cableExtra1 meter intervals
TP7D-05M-SW-MM5 meter cableStandard1 meter intervals
TP7D-05M-SW-NM5 meter cableStandardNone
TP7D-075-AW-MM **No Longer Available**75ft (23m)Asphalt1 meter intervals
TP7D-075-AW-NM75ft (23m)AsphaltNone
TP7D-075-AW-SM75ft (23m)Asphalt5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-075-EW-MM **No Longer Available**75ft (23m)Extra1 meter intervals
TP7D-075-EW-NM75ft (23m)ExtraNone
TP7D-075-EW-SM75ft (23m)Extra5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-075-RC-MM **No Longer Available**75ft (23m)Railcar1 meter intervals
TP7D-075-RC-NM75ft (23m)RailcarNone
TP7D-075-RC-SM75ft (23m)Railcar5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-075-SW-MM **No Longer Available**75ft (23m)Standard1 meter intervals
TP7D-075-SW-NM75ft (23m)StandardNone
TP7D-075-SW-SM75ft (23m)Standard5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-100-EW-SM100ft (30m)Extra5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-100-SW-SM100ft (30m)Standard5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-10M-AW-MM10 meterAsphalt1 meter intervals
TP7D-10M-EW-MM10 meterExtra1 meter intervals
TP7D-10M-SW-MM10 meterStandard1 meter intervals
TP7D-10M-SW-NM10 meterStandardNone
TP7D-110-AW-MM **No Longer Available**110ft (34m)Asphalt1 meter intervals
TP7D-110-AW-NM110ft (34m)AsphaltNone
TP7D-110-AW-SM110ft (34m)Asphalt5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-110-EW-MM **No Longer Available**110ft (34m)Extra1 meter intervals
TP7D-110-EW-NM110ft (34m)ExtraNone
TP7D-110-EW-SM110ft (34m)Extra5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-110-RC-NM110ft (34m)RailcarNone
TP7D-110-SW-MM **No Longer Available**110ft (34m)Standard1 meter intervals
TP7D-110-SW-NM110ft (34m)StandardNone
TP7D-110-SW-SM110ft (34m)Standard5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-20M-AW-MM20 meterAsphalt1 meter intervals
TP7D-20M-SW-MM20 meterStandard1 meter intervals
TP7D-25M-AW-MM25 meterAsphalt1 meter intervals
TP7D-25M-AW-NM25 meterAsphaltNone
TP7D-25M-EW-MM25 meterExtra1 meter intervals
TP7D-25M-EW-NM25 meterExtraNone
TP7D-25M-EW-SM **No Longer Available**25 meterExtra5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-25M-RC-NM25 meterRailcarNone
TP7D-25M-SW-MM25 meterStandard1 meter intervals
TP7D-25M-SW-NM25 meterStandard 
TP7D-25M-SW-SM **No Longer Available**25 meterStandard5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-30M-AW-MM30 meterAsphalt1 meter intervals
TP7D-30M-EW-MM30 meterExtra1 meter intervals
TP7D-30M-EW-NM30 meterExtraNone
TP7D-30M-RC-NM30 meterRailcarNone
TP7D-30M-SW-MM30 meterStandard1 meter intervals
TP7D-30M-SW-NM30 meterStandardNone
TP7D-35M-AW-MM35 meterAsphalt1 meter intervals
TP7D-35M-AW-NM35 meterAsphaltNone
TP7D-35M-EW-MM35 meterExtra1 meter intervals
TP7D-35M-SW-MM35 meterStandard1 meter intervals
TP7D-35M-SW-NM35 meterStandardNone
TP7D-40M-EW-MM40 meterExtra1 meter intervals
TP7D-40M-SW-MM40 meterStandard1 meter intervals
TP7D-50M-EW-SM **No Longer Available**50 meterExtra5ft (1.5m) intervals
TP7D-50M-SW-MM50 meterStandard1 meter intervals
TP7D-50M-SW-SM **No Longer Available**50 meterStandard5ft (1.5m) intervals
Customs Tariff Codes
ArticleTariff CodePacked W&D, Gross
Digital Thermometers902519009019 x 24 x 33 cms, Wt 3.21Kg (50M)

Download Thermoprobe TP7-D Petroleum Gauging Thermometer - Data Sheet PDFDownload Thermoprobe TP7-D Petroleum Gauging Thermometer - Data Sheet PDF

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